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Silmesse by The Fellowship (Official Music Video)

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Published: 04 Februari 2013

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From the album In Elven Lands (Second Edition) available now from the Apple iTunes Music Store, Amazon mp3, and Amazon Disc On Demand.

Silmesse is the best example of Quenya, the ceremonial language of the Eldar, to be found in the Tir Im Psalter. It appears just below a verse to Elbereth Gilthóniel which was written in a Sindarin dialect. Both text and the Tengwar spelling for Silmesse are very close to earlier versions found in much older manuscripts and was probably carefully copied by the first of the Tir Im scribes.

The poem its-self is is an affirmation of identity that poetically connects the singer with those first Elves who awoke to see the stars.

The text translates as:

Here I sit in the pale starlight
from Ilmen, sparks are shining into the night
They see me, the silvery eyes,
as they saw the wakening Elves
The heavenly jewels give me joy
I praise them in the fairest songs
The starlight is forever new
I watch them now as the first Elf did
as the first awakened
who saw the light of a star.

Music by Carvin Knowles, Lyrics by Helge Kåre Fauskanger
Performed by The Fellowship featuring Caitlin Elisabeth

© Ozone Layer Music (BMI) / Helge Kåre Fauskanger / Carvin Knowles (BMI) / Adam Pike (BMI)

Silmesse was inspired by the written works of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien. The Fellowship uses techniques of forensic musicology to reconstruct the music of the ancient cultures which Professor Tolkien describes in his many written works.

Video Produced and Directed by Carvin Knowles
California Unit Producer: Dennis Baum
Aftereffects Compositing and Animation: Liam Williams
Edited by Carvin Knowles
Stock Footage by Videoblocks